Process Support SAP

Process Support SAP

  • Status Change Assistant
    User support for status changes of complete CAD structures :: Simplification of the approval, pre-approval, inspection request etc. :: Ensure consistent approvals :: Definable rules for the change to specific destination statuses :: Automatic monitoring of dependant structures.    Product matrix:
  • Verification of Classification data
    Validation of available classification data as well as additional Document Info Record (DIR) data :: Example: Declaration of numbers from legacy systems, approval is only possible when these numbers are entered in the DIR.
  • Inheritance of Classification Data
    Simplification of the classification of documents by transferring class data from a drawing or assembly into all documents in the underlying structure.
  • Document Function Manager
    Execution of defined actions when changing document status:: Includes a set of pre-defined modules for various scenarios:: Easily include customer specific modules. 
    Product Matrix:
  • BOM-Suite
  • Change History for Title Blocks
    Various change histories for title blocks :: definable according to various perspectives, sequences and information.
  • Populate the Lab/Office field using a location code
    The location code will be entered based on the user login data, various codes can be suggested.
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